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ONE OF US IS LYING By Karen M. McManus

Posted by Ideja B. on March 6, 2018 at 2:25 PM
'One Of Us Is Lying' was an astonishingly brilliant novel. The mystery elements of the book gripped the reader at the right time, but made sure to let the grip of emotions loose whenever a moment of strong tension was underway. It wasn't difficult to convey passion towards your favourite characters, as the description allowed for defined figures to appear whilst reading. I admired how the reader had the option to speculate who they thought was the murderer. Personally, that is one of the reasons why I adore books with mystery background, because you can suppose who did what, and then to your shock, identify who the true murderer is. The book is so delicately constructed that every sentence affects the way an entity is portrayed, which is inspiring to younger or beginner authors. McManus thoroughly ensures that not a single point was missed, approving the different perspective of each character. Discovering the most fortuitous secrets from the geek, jock, criminal and the princess was truly amazing, as it taught a life lesson; never judge a person by their appearances, as you never know what may lie beneath. Due to the carefully-mastered detail, I rate this book FOUR AND A HALF stars! (Check out the 'Four Star Books' Book page for the cover of the book and where to buy it - click on the image!)

Categories: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery

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