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Posted by Ideja B. on March 10, 2018 at 2:15 PM
This is one of the most heart-warming yet heart-breaking stories I have ever read. Imagine meeting someone, learning everything there is to know about them, but have to live through the pain of their world ending. It was impossible to read without powerful emotions slowly creeping their way onto my face. This is definitely not a book to read for the light-hearted! Each and every character immersed me into their own worlds, first Finch's then Violet's. As the story began to developing, we were lucky enough to gain a new perspective into Violet's world, and how she met Finch on top of the bell tower. It was enthralling to experience the ghastly world of Violet's and how people wouldn't expect her to encounter so much pain, even though her sister had passed away. Niven also gave us a pass into the world of high school, and how everybody judged everybody. Even the people I regarded as 'perfect' or 'popular' had secrets to hide, and surprised me when out found them out. I genuinely adored the way everything was described to perfection, and how the Post-it notes and the alignment of the planets had such a huge relevance to the story. This is 100% a reread worthy fictional novel, and I will be picking up the book soon! I rate this book FIVE STARS! (Check out the 'Five Star Books' Book page for the book cover and where to buy it - click on the image!)

Categories: Young Adult, Contemporary

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