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Posted by Ideja B. on October 21, 2018 at 11:10 AM
If you're a person much in need of a skilfully-crafted book that will, undoubtedly, transport you to an alien world that begins to emerge as familiar as the novel develops, you're in luck! Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children is the ideal book for anyone looking to quench their thirst for reading. The characters are incredibly imaginative, allowing the reader to immerse themselves out of the current world they're living in, and into the world Ransom Riggs has delightfully introduced. The text allows for the easy transportation of the reader from their own bodies into the lives of their favourite characters, or characters they feel that understand them personally. One factor that made me love this book is the deeper meaning of the portrayal of each individual character throughout the novel. They are all seen to be regarded as 'outsiders' as they have been pushed away by the members of the public just because of their unique abilities, and are constantly on the run and in hiding in order to prevent the extinction of their kind. This aspect of the book is different to many other fantasy novels because it is breaking the boundaries on what novels in the fantasy genre 'should look like', as instead of producing characters that have minimal or no link to their readers or to society, Riggs has produced phenomenal characters that could allow for the section of the society today that feel lonely or have also been pushed away by society to empathise with the figures introduced to us by Riggs, but also shows that there is always hope for those people, as they can reach out to other who feel the same way, and maybe make new friends to combat that lonliness! I hope that many more titles will join this series of books, and did you know, a film version of this very book was made in 2016, for the sole purpose of you to watch it, so go do that now if you haven't already! :) I rate this book 4 Stars (click the '4 Stars Books' under the 'Books' tab to find out the book image, blurb and where to buy the book - click the photo). Thank you so much for reading! Hope to hear from you soon :)

Categories: Fantasy, Young Adult

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