Book 'N' Shake

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Book Reviewing Policy:

I AM currently accepting books for reviewing purposes, however, please do not send me books if they don't fit the criteria!

If you wish to send me your book, send it to with the subject 'Book For Reviewing' or simply use my contact page.

Genres I accept:

- Science-Fiction

- Young Adult

- Fantasy

- Dystopian

- Contemporary

- Thrillers

- Poetry

- Mystery

- Non-fiction (if interesting!)

- Chick-Lit

- Horror

Genres I DO NOT accept:

- Religious/Spiritual

- Inappropriate Romance

- Political

When sending your book, please include:

- Author and publisher's name

- The book title

- Blurb 

- Genre

- Publishers

- Book release date (if applicable)

I am also accepting any self-published or indie books, but they have to be any of the genres that I will read. If you are such an author, please still include everything in the list above!

When deciding what format to send your book in, please keep in mind that I prefer hardback or paperback books, but I will also accept a PDF version of your book.

My review will contain:

- An honest review, that will not be influenced by anybody. (On 'Book Review' page)

- A grading system; 5 stars for the most gripping, shocking and absorbing stories that I love, and 1 star for the most disappointing story, that I couldn't finish/didn't enjoy. (On 'Books page)

- An image of the book (On 'Books page)

- Title and author (On 'Book Review' page)

- Genre (On 'Book Review page)

- My personal opinion (On 'Book Review' page)